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Monday, June 6, 2011


Wow has it really been that long since I've posted?  I guess it has.  I've been pretty busy - I am in the middle of a work project that's about to hit the ground and I also took over for someone in my department who is now on maternity leave, a month and a half earlier than expected.  Between that and my ever-present insomnia, DH and I decided that I should take the summer off from school.  So I have some more time to work and hopefully someday I'll have a little time to relax!

In all this craziness, I have found that sometimes it is actually better to work a little at night and on the weekends so that I can get ahead of my overloaded to-do list.  This is contrary to what I usually have experienced in the past; normally this just makes me crazy.  But since the work itself isn't all that bad, just the amount of it, things seem to go better when I put in an extra hour on the laptop here and there with no distractions.

The other thing I discovered is how much a workout can take a load of stress off of you and just burn it off.  Last week I felt simply panicked at how much was on my plate, and burned rubber to get to Zumba in time to screech into a parking spot and run in.  Soon I was working so physically hard that I forgot all about my other stuff.  Much to my family's delight, I was a much more calm and pleasant person.  The key is to find something that you love to do to expend all that energy, not just slaving away on the treadmill (unless you're into that sort of thing).  So don't lose yourself so much in taking care of other people or working that you forget to let yourself take care of yourself once in awhile. You might even do it all better as a result.

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